CustomsClear Team

The key of your success in our team is not your education or experience. It’s what you love to do in your free time. In our team, we don’t work. We do what we are passionate about.

  • Enrika Naujokė


  • Vladislav German

    Business development director

  • Irena Veikšienė

    Project manager

  • Dr Ilona Mischenko

    Content manager

  • Kate Valasenko

    Sales manager

  • Neringa Balskute-German

    Customer support

Learn what some of our team members say:

Enrika Naujokė, Co-founder:
My passion is everything around the ‘customs’ topic. Customs play such a significant role in international trade becoming seamless and sustainable, and more safe and secure. Globally. All is achievable. Our knowledge, skills and collaboration determine the pace we do that; and there is no time to lose (climate crisis, geopolitical instability, growing protectionism, etc.). At the core of CustomsClear is the desire to contribute to accelerate the pace of change. It’s the driver behind what we and, of course, I do.

Vladislav German, Business development director:
I love learning, and figuring out stuff. I feel that when I learn, I am getting closer to my true potential as a human being. The nature of CustomsClear business requires to constantly learn and improve. Every day, I learn how to deal with people, how to build products, how to communicate, and how to be a better human. CustomsClear is all about learning, and figuring out stuff, and that is why I am here.

Irena Veikšienė, Project manager:
I am passionate about planning and organising various activities and events. A project is made up of tiny little details, which when put together successfully complete it. I have always been methodical and detail-oriented. Lists, planners and spreadsheets have been my academic and professional tools of choice since school. It is also very important for me to contribute value to high quality education, knowing that it facilitates business and personal success of many people. So, it all comes perfectly together at what I do at CustomsClear as Project manager.

Dr Ilona Mischenko, Content manager:
It is true that a person is happy when he/she can afford to do his/her favourite thing. My favourite thing to do is research everything related to customs law and regulation, and then turn it all into articles, posts and other useful content. I am a part of CustomsClear team where everything spins around customs knowledge, new discoveries, professional development in customs area. At the same time here, everyone is a very important element of well-functioned mechanism. Team members can see the value and usefulness of their contribution. So, I can say with confidence that I am very happy person and wish everyone to feel the same!

Kate Valasenko, Sales manager:
Over the years, I’ve become incredibly passionate about sales, and despite the number of years I’ve been doing this, I feel my passion continues to grow. I want to truly understand the prospect or customer and his or her unique needs and how the offering fits into that picture. To me it’s not about selling a product; it’s about helping others solve problems. I also admit that I get jazzed by meeting people and hearing their stories. Life is about relationships, and sales has allowed me to create numerous deep relationships. One of the things I find most rewarding in sales is when I talk with a customer after I've sold them a product and they can point to positive results. Of course my primary goal as a salesperson is always to land the deal, but really, I'm in it because I believe the products I sell in CustomsClear can improve people's lives and make companies run more efficiently.

Neringa Balskute-German, Customer support:
Since childhood, one of my priority qualities has been helping others. And now, when it also involves education and imparting knowledge, I feel that I am in the right place to grow further - in the CustomsClear team.